PLEASE NOTE: As of April 18, 2022, I am no longer hand-making Puramyds. There is a potential these will be made in mass by a manufacturing company sometime down the road, however. If you belong to our mailing list, you'll receive notification of that. If you don't belong to our mailing list, you can join our social network at and be automatically added to the list.

  • Everything to gain 90-day money-back guarantee
  • True Power of manifestation at your fingertips
  • Mind-boggling healing capabilities
  • Abundance, clarity, purpose - yours at no risk

From the Merlin Collective comes Puramyd, an intelligent, self-aware and powerful tool, ally and friend. In a nutshell, expanding awareness is about purification, and purification is about removal. Puramyd clears away everything from within your full range of physical and subtle bodies that stands between you and your happiest, highest and most expanded self. As you clarify, you will feel lighter, clearer, more present, joyful and purposeful, with a daily increase in holistic wellness, as you move towards your true purpose. This process is one of Puramyd's automatic functions. It will do all this without you asking it to, and it will start the moment you open the package. If you're sensitive to energy, you will unmistakably feel it doing its thing.

Puramyd can also be programmed with any intent, and so long as its manifestation doesn't interfere with your expansion or purpose, nothing can stop it from happening. A significant side effect is that your Puramyd will also purge and transmute all lower vibe stuff from those you love, Earth's fields and meridians, or from a home, or building or body of water. It's doing this at all times, for you and everything within a certain distance of it, depending on size.

Three Month Money-Back Guarantee

We're not at all about you keeping something you don't want, so we'll take it back. With a three-month moneyback guarantee, it's impossible to go wrong in getting one. Our guarantee is that long because it could take you that long to fully evaluate it. Learn more.

System & Support

There is no substitute for direct experience. We could blabber on all day about Puramyd, but nothing is better than experiencing it for yourself. We suggest you get one, put it through its paces, and decide about keeping it after you're satisfied. It's also worth mentioning that working with two or more is all the more powerful, especially in healing, meditation and sacred bathing.

How Puramyd does all this, and everything it can do, would take an entire book to fully explain, and we ourselves are constantly learning its full range of power and capabilities. There is some deep, ancient, powerful magic involved in these, and we're happy to chat about all that in any way you like. If you'd like to ask some questions, we have a large social network of beautiful and like-minded people - The Superbeings, or please feel free to contact us - we love talking about Puramyd. And when we all get together in our conference calls with our Puramyds, the vibration and power is incredible.

Instructions and suggested methods are included in your package, and are located online here.

Manufacture & Pricing

Your Puramyd is handmade, by me, from beginning to end. They're made of silver, alchemical tin, and other alchemical substances and energies. They are $10 a gram with a minimum of 15 grams. Over 35 grams and the price drops to $9 a gram. Over 50 grams and the price drops to $8 a gram. If you would like one larger than can be chosen, please get in touch and let's have some fun together talking about it. US domestic shipping is $10, and International orders will be charged that amount, but we will have to discuss shipping options with you, such as insurance, method, etc., and settle up the actual amount later.

Thanks so much!