We'll preface this page with this very simple summary: clearing/purification, shedding beliefs and letting go, is the key to lasting and brimming happiness, and also for health and balance. Being happy, healthy, balanced, and living True Purpose (in Universal Flow) is the highest state of being on any level of existence/perception. This is what Puramyd is about.

The following are all drawn from direct experience by ourselves and other Puramyd owners. Most of the most pronounced effects are automatic and require no intent or focus on your part.

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Clearing, Purifying, Transmutation, Protection - We happen to have many of the most powerful tools at our disposal for clearing work, and yet Puramyd still manages to step that process up to another level. There is no question about feeling lighter because of it. Everything in the world is driven by timing, and it's time for these to be in the world, which means that it's also time for many of us to clear away the deepest anchors to this virtuality. Merlin would tell you this is its primary purpose for us, while for them its primary purpose is to give them (many other density beings) access to this plane.

Whether this lighter and clearer feeling is what improves posture, I personally don't know, but I do know improved posture is an effect. Hiking, for instance, my spine's very erect, and carrying one in each pocket just powers me physically to levels that actually surprise me, and that's not easy to do in light of all the astonishingly effective things I've made.

As for protection - even though it theoretically does this automatically, there's no harm in asking it to put you in a "null field." Within that field, no energy or intelligence can get at you or have an effect on you, unless you mess it up with your own thinking and expressions. This includes protection from 3D level energies, such as EMFs. Even more importantly, it will seriously reduce the effects your own expressions have on you, possibly its most powerful use in terms of protection.

Wellness, Balance - Since the day of its inception, Puramyd has not stopped improving my own state of wellness. I'm an exceptionally happy person, and pretty healthy for 60, but this is just doing it on a whole different level. Deeper, more rejuvenative sleep and enhancement to dream recall and lucidity are pretty normal for Puramyd.

There is no question that clearing away deep programs can help in a huge way with wellness and balance, and so in that respect these effects overlap.

Purpose - One owner reported that from the moment he opened the package, he set out to complete every procrastinated task in his life, and did it with efficiency and effortlessness. Now, it could be said that not all of that had to do with his True Purpose, but it is a fact that we all have "unfinished business," all of which are energy "barriers" standing between us and the full realization of our True Purpose. Most who would read this page are perfectly aware of this fact (smile).

The clarifying/purification effect also helps with this, as old patterns established deep within tend to rule the status quo.

For this effect alone, Puramyd is worth ten times what we're charging for it.

We could go on for a while with effects, but what's more efficient to share is the fact that Puramyd can clear the way, or carry out, any intent, so long as it doesn't interfere with your growth or purpose.


Abundance - One of the most misunderstood concepts in today's world of seekers, new age thought, and the law of attraction, is that money (at least more than is needed) will almost always interfere with personal growth and/or True Purpose. At least for the sake of having it. If your attitude is "I just want what I need to live comfortably, happily and with unlimited mobility, while continuing my expansion," then Puramyd will move heaven and Earth to make it happen.

The key to this is for you to get out of its way, and stay out of its way, because it is only you, your beliefs, your attitudes and judgments, that can keep the Universal Flow of True Path cluttered and more difficult than it could be in the luminous and effortless way of living we enjoy.

Healing - Whether a healer or otherwise, you place the base on any point to be worked on. The most efficient locations are the meridian points for organs and glands. You place the base on the location and it draws up what needs to go, transmuting it through the energy source Puramyd uses and the geometry of its "body," and "stores" it for use with the beam that comes out of the point. After drawing away what needs to go, you turn Puramyd around and use the point to send the white (or any needed color) laser beam into the same point to energize, balance and heal whatever you're working on.

The beauty of this process is that Puramyd knows what to do, and once again requires no intent because the intent is determined by the action itself, making healing work natural, flowing and effortless.

Meditation - placed on the third-eye - and unless you have an unstoppably busy mind - Puramyd helps to dissipate the chatter and the underlying patterns driving it, and to empty your mind and take you deep. It's fast and effective at this, and will leave the third-eye with some sort of sensation, such as pulsation, heat, whatever. The location just above where some, or even most, think the third-eye is is exceptional for this, and there is a location closer to the upper curvature of the skull which is effective at inducing relaxation and sleep.

Programming Water - for drinking, bathing, showering, cooking, lakes, waterfalls, even oceans. This might be a first fun test for you. Take a plastic cup of water and place the bottom on Puramyd's point It will automatically clear, purify, structure, and sanctify the water, but if you want to add an intent, such as "liver support," just think it. Then taste the water. Most of the time, you'll find it fresher and crisper. In fact Puramyd water is delicious. Then if you freeze that cup, you'll see the spiral, from the molecule structuring, frozen in place in the ice.

What Puramyd does for bath water is, in a word, incredible. While filling the tub, place Puramyd in the water. If you've added salt, put it in the pile of salt. It knows what to do. If you want it doing something more, tell it. It can be almost difficult to talk yourself into getting out of a Puramyd-conditioned bath, so wonderful are they. Water is such a highly conductive, highly communicative, medium, that we use it for ideas, inspirations, creativity, all having to do with purpose and what needs doing. If you're wanting a bath for an experience from a higher level than for practical or creative ideas, tell it. It'll bring it.

We'd love to hear about your experiences, which you can share at The Superbeings, and you can also read more owner experiences there.